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Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover! For Offline or Online transactions.
If you are a New Business Or Even if you are an established retail business looking for better merchant account rates, Advantage Processing has the business banking contacts for both low risk and high risk credit card processor services and credit card processing industry agents to set you up with great rates! We will pass on your information to the bank represenatives. They can then shop around for the best merchant account rates for your business.

Please contact our preferred payment processor Credit Card Processing Specialists will then contact you as soon as possible regarding your credit card processing needs.

Finding the right credit card processor can be a pain staking task.

Common Questions and Concerns about Credit Card Processors

  • What is a chargeback on a merchant account?

  • How do they handle chargebacks?

  • What is the lowest rate I can achieve?

  • What are statement fees and minimum monthly fees?

  • Are there any chargeback penalties?

  • Do I need an Offshore Credit Card Processor?

  • I am a new Business can I qualify?

The Best way to get started is simply to apply for a merchant account and a credit card processing agent will be assigned to you and guide you through the process. Dont worry even if you are initially rejected by one bank we use multiple banks to try our best to get your merchant application approved!

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